Freerange Cooperative Ltd is a NZ based cooperative operating in Aotearoa, Australia and Atlantis. We are a non-profit company that provides a publishing platform for like-minded people, as well as quality writing and drawing for public consumption. We publish things like books and journals, focusing on topics of the city, design, politics and pirates.

Freerange has contributors from around 30 different countries and over 100 people from a wide variety of disciplines participate in production of material for the books, journals and website. In the five or so years since this little idea was formed, we’ve published around 10 books, 6 journals, 300 unique online articles, and supported a number of important fundraising projects such as the Songs for Christchurch project.

We have directors in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney. We are currently focusing on publishing in the fascinating and difficult context of post-quake Christchurch, while continuing to develop our bi-annual flagship journal, which is simply called Freerange.

We use online software (loomio) to enable this diverse bunch of folk to govern the decision making in Freerange.

Freerange Cooperative Ltd operates from 206 Riverlaw Terrace, St Martins, 8022, Christchurch.

Please contact if you have any ideas, complaints, suggestions, or just want to send me something nice.