Once in a Lifetime: City-building after Disaster in Christchurch


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‘Clear, and compassionate, this collection illuminates the problems and opportunities that flowed from Christchurch after the quakes, and interrogates the manmade disaster that followed. Everyone should read this book.’– Gaylene Preston (Hope & Wire)

On 31 August 2014 Freerange Press released its new book, Once in a Lifetime: City-building after Disaster in Christchurch, at the WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival.

This important book offers the first substantial critique of the Government’s recovery plan for Christchurch, presents alternative approaches to city-building and archives a vital and extraordinary time.

New Zealand has to rebuild the majority of its second-largest city after a devastating series of earthquakes – a unique challenge for a developed country in the twenty-first century. The earthquakes fundamentally disrupted the conventions by which the people of Christchurch lived. The exhausting and exhilarating mix of distress, uncertainty, creativity, opportunities, divergent opinions and competing priorities generates an inevitable question: how do we know if the right decisions are being made?

Once in a Lifetime brings together a range of national and international perspectives on city-building and post-disaster urban recovery.


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